Dr. Kristen Brown

I have had a passion for animals for as long as I can remember.  From the age of 5 my mind was made up that a life of helping animals was the path for me.  From that point onwards I followed my dream of becoming a veterinarian.  I started in the industry at the age of 13 as a volunteer and have worked my way up the ropes since then.

I graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph in 2008 with honours.  It was an adventure that had me working in small animal clinics, out on farm calls tending to cows, horses and pigs and abroad where I spent 9 ½ weeks in South Africa working in the veterinary field with a variety of species.  While attending university I worked in the large animal surgery ward, was part of a dog walking program for the research dogs and cared for neonatal foals through the night.

I have always been very actively involved in the animal rescue community and I am thrilled to continue this work at Rossland Animal Hospital.

I live in Whitby with my husband, son, daughter and furry family.  When I am not working with animals I enjoy relaxing with friends, snowboarding, scuba diving and traveling the world.