At Rossland Animal Hospital we offer everything from routine elective surgeries including spaying, neutering and dentistry to soft tissue surgery and emergency surgery.  We are pleased to offer the following services to all of our surgical patients.

IV fluid pumps- Delivers a pre-set fluid rate calculated to your individual pet’s needs.  IV catheter allows for easy and quick administration of injectable medication if required.

Warming system- We use a medical grade warming blanket that is sterile and delivers a safe level of heat to keep your pet’s body temperature up during surgery.

Blood Pressure Monitoring- Provides systolic, diastolic, mean arterial pressure and heart rate in seconds.

Pulse Oximetry- Provides constant measurement of the oxygen level of the blood and tissues to ensure that a safe level of oxygen is being delivered to your pet at all times.

Electrocadiography- Measures the electrical activity of the heart and provides information as to the rate and regularity of the heart beats.

Capnography- Directly monitors both the inhaled and exhaled concentration of carbon dioxide from your pet’s breath.

Respiratory Rate Monitor- Constant monitoring of your pet’s breathing from start to finish.

**Rossland Animal Hospital is proud to be a claw friendly practice.  This means that we do not perform the declawing procedure in cats.